Quick Fill ’n Pour

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Filling a PET Bottle and pouring it is very easy with this.
Filling a PET Bottle and pouring it, is very easy with this.

Dieses Objekt ist gleichzeitig ein Trichter und ein Ausgiesser, welcher direkt auf eine PET-Flasche (Typ 28 PCO) geschraubt wird.
Der Wassereinlass unserer Kaffeemaschine liegt hinten unterhalb des Hängeschranks und ist schwer zugänglich – daher haben wir dieses Objekt entworfen und gedruckt.

Die Druckdaten, sowie eine Bauanleitung können Sie kostenlos bei Youmagine ansehen und downloaden.

This item is at the same time a funnel and a spout which is screwed to a PET bottle (type 28 PCO). Our coffee machine’s water intake is unter the upper cupboard and hard to reach – hence we designed this piece and printed it.

You can see the building instruction and download the print files for free at Youmagine.

Filling it from the water filter.
Filling it from the water filtre.


The Ring

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The Ring Foto
White gold with blue sapphire

This Ring is designed with the intend to resemble the aerodynamic hull of a plane like structure. The ring leaves the main body, point symmetric to each side as wings. I designed it in with 3D CAD and went multiple times to my trusted goldsmith Mrs. Blauhut in Constance. She did an awesome job. The ring carries one secret feature, which I cannot disclose here, but you may ask me.


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The first moon base

I studied architecture at the Technical University of Darmstadt and finished my studies with this graduation work, the design of the first moon base and how it develops over the next 150 years.

For this project I worked together with the EADS Space Transportation Bremen and the LRT in Munich.

The movie is in German, with English subtitles.


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Mission to Mars

Während meines Studiums an der Technischen Universität Darmstadt, designten mein Kommilitone Christoph Odrich und ich, die erste Mission zum Mars.
Das Design hies i-Morph.
Dieses Link führt sie zu der Seite von damals.
Gehe zur Seite ->

Nachfolgend befinden sich Presseartikel in Bezug auf unser Projekt:

During my studies at the Technical University Darmstadt, together with my fellow student, Christoph Odrich we designed the first human mission to mars.
This design was called i-Morph.
This link will guide you to the site from those days.
Visit the site ->

Below are press releases in German in regard to our project:

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